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my new drawings

dsc00115dsc00116teddy bearThis  are the latest designs i did for this  year and i used psp cam to take pictures of them maybe ill try the other one, when i get it back.



Yes for prints
Yes for prints

summer prints!face powderMy old designs..

First trial

I made this dress last year to do some trial on basic patterns i learn from the school, i know it looks so simple, well! at least i give it a try.what do you think about the dress?

i just love silver, diamonds, and black colors

i just love silver, diamonds, and black colors

One of my figurines that i made when i have vacant time, some of them are given away to some special friends..

Play for the rice

rice1_lHi everyone its me again, its a realy quick post which i forgotten to say…i would like to intruduced a new site which i just found and also known from some people around the net about the free rice, its a site where you can play some vocabulary game and by getting correct answers you will be donating free rice for our brother and sisters who really in needs. So i decided to post it here at least you might be able to help by just spending few minutes in playing in the point of helping them.. the game works so easy, no need registration, all you need to do is play and thats it! you can help, so pls spend a little bit of time helping our bros and sisters. heres the link ..

Hola!  todos, vosotros tienes tiempo vacante para ayudar otra gente que esta in necesidad? por favor jogar un poco y ya! si puedes donar un grano de arroz para los gente en jambre, el juego es muy facil cada exacta respuesta 10 grano de arroz y mas significa mas arroz el juego no necesidad di registrar solo tienes que hogar y ademas si puede practicar to vocabulario entonces si interesa este es la web, y como siempre you digo lo siento por mi spañol yo hablo muy mal… este es el web

ohh guys sorry for random spanish since im trying to learn more and practice spanish and same with my english.. ill try to pos two in spanish version and in english as long as i can. heheheh i know its really hard. well i hope everyone of you also intruduced this game to other people and friends coz the more player the more rice will be donated  and thanks for the time..

Fashion illustration

this is another fashion illustration…once  i et bored all i do is draw and spend many hours to it..its like 3 to 4 hours depends on the details on each illustration…

otro illustration..dsc00106

Fashion illustration

hi everyone since its my second post in a day i would like to show you some of my fashion illustration, by the way it might be not too clear since i just got it from psp camera.

hola a todos no hablo tanto  en español pero mi gusta aprender y hablar meor gramaticamente,polka-dots este son fotos di mis trabajos del coli.