my new drawings

dsc00115dsc00116teddy bearThis  are the latest designs i did for this  year and i used psp cam to take pictures of them maybe ill try the other one, when i get it back.


5 responses to “my new drawings

  1. Hi jeyzar, nice designs really. you are so artistic nah. suya mn pud ta oie. hehehe

    keep posting, i’ll check on your blog site.

    miss yah!

  2. decemberchick08

    hey, i managed to find you! Wicked drawings, you’re so artistic!

    • thanks!im also trying to used another cam so you guys can see the details on it since im just using psp cam and might post more same drawings and old ones. i might be busy since im preparing for to present a famenco clothing..but i will post more as possible as i can, and thanks for the comment

  3. YOU ARE AMAZING! these are so great – truly truly talented.

    i can picture all of these being worn for real!

    I WOULD EVEN WEAR THESE CREATIONS! haha… keep it up.

    • thanks im glad you like it soon ill be doing mens clothing im still trying to learn on mens body parts hehehehe… i already try few drawings but it turned out into a female as always..

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