Fashion Illustration

flower print

Modern Egypt

Modern Egypt



Face Powder

Face Powder

This are the scand drawings i made last year. i am busy for now so i might not be able to post everyday but i will post as long as i have time, some of my designs are inspired in egyptian dress and the other ones, i dont know! they just come up into my mind and i draw or maybe i saw it somewhere and i inspired to it. Most design clothes are most likely the same, coz mostly designers are inspiring to something or to someone, but its not called copying which mostly people think and it is wrong.. well you guys better figure it out as i am not good in explaining things at same time with my random english grammar..anyway hope you like the drawings,  pls dont forget to share points of view or ideas, comments about my work.. thanks hope everyone has a good day.keep safe and GOD bless!


One response to “Fashion Illustration

  1. Jeyzar i like you, you are doing really great!!! i like all your designs, my gush! hahaha nice jud ang tanan.

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