I Lost My Markers!

Hi everyone! yesterday when i was in the centre i accidentally lost my entire bag of touch markers and  water color pencils and besides of that all of my drawings utensils.we tried to call and ask info about things lost and found in their section and still no news, i was hoping this few days i   able to recover my markers, sigh! that entire markers cost me like 150 euros, dam! i don’t have much money to buy a new one since i will participate the flamenco fashion show this march, anyway no big deal.. lol  o(ToT)o i could still get a new one. by the way this picture are the latest fashion illustration i did for 2009.dscn1382dscn1392dscn1376

inspired for wordpress

inspired for wordpress



5 responses to “I Lost My Markers!

  1. jeyzar you can make it, good luck!

  2. ahh jeysar, don’t be clumsy next time….haha!
    anyway, your works are amazing…….you have improved a lot……..asa na ang para sa ako oi! 😉

  3. let me just say…that i love your work and i love your you tube uploads:)

  4. hi!!!
    i love your designs..
    can you up in youtube a fashion sketch that how you use de watercolors and touch for design? please!!!

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