I Got New markers!

Until now Touch MarkersI’m still disappointed since i have lost my markers,my bf told me we should wait for few days,  maybe we will get good noticed,which is like years for me since i already stop doing my illustrations for two days or more.This afternoon my bf decided to buy me a new once so i will be able to do what i like to do most.So i thought that we will buy few pairs of it and that’s it, but instead, its more than i expected, i got the whole entire touch markers bag that has 60 markers.Touch markers are very good quality based on my experience using it and it never leave stains,rays  and so on, if you guys look for markers better grab the Touch Markers. Today I’m very contented that i get new ones and thanks for my BF.


4 responses to “I Got New markers!

  1. thanks to paco! lol

  2. in fairness i also like your writing skills. humble ra kaau ka ha…hehe. anyway, the markers are very useful jud, you know what my youngest brother also wants to be a fashion designer. i can sense because he always draw “girls” with nice clothes and stuff. my husband gave him a drawing set, bunch of colored pencils and sketch pad..ai ma boang ko kay medyo may pagka bayoting. hehe. i hope he can also reach his dreams like you.

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