inspired japanese flamenco

this is my entry of the contest flamenco dress which in 2nd place…its inspired in kimono which i ddcated to my close friend akime.flamenca


8 responses to “inspired japanese flamenco

  1. that a fantastic work!!!!
    congratulation, and thank you!!!!!
    kiss kiss (-3-)V

    mata neh!!!!!

  2. hi huge,

    i really like this design. i think you should be the first place. 🙂 btw, aside for designing, ikaw pud ba ang nag tahi ani? nice job.

  3. this is fire! i’m really feelin’ this!

  4. Jeyzar what a nice job… keep learning more i know u can make it at the top….. Just keep in touch coz ako din may ipagawa sa iyo…

  5. i really like this design.

  6. Fantastic job jeyzar! That dress is really bonggatious. Can i have one like that? hehe

    I love the designs as well the color.

    Bring it on Zar!

  7. hi! thanks for your comment on my blog 🙂 i’d love for you to add me to your blogroll!! congrats on winning 2nd prize!!! the dress is awesome!!!!!

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