hi friends! its been a while i did not post anything on my blog, i was kind a busy and still thinking for a good thing to post, meanwhile im doing some dresses to practice my sewing skills and doing some fashion illustration which i am going to present in another competition with a partner and classmate, her name is Ana hopefully during working with dresses would be able to learn more from her coz she has a better experience and good skills in sewing than i do. anyway as long as i get time i probably post something hope you guys wont be bored on following my blog, pls do comment or any advices which i really highly apreciated. thanks and GOD bless all….


5 responses to “Busy

  1. hello jeyzar! its better to be busy than not at all…goodluck on your next competition and im proud of you my friend. anyway, this is my new blog….let2! 😉

  2. i dont know why my comment wasnt posted…anyway, good luck and God bless on the competition sar! I know u can do it! this is my new site btw 😉

    • why not? i just recieve your comments lately, and now i just approve it,thank you let! ill post pictures after the fashion week maybe in october after the fashion show.

  3. HEY sorry i haven’t checked out ur blog alot but now that i’ve checked it out recently i missed alot of wat you’ve done! congrats on the competition you won! I’m glad your advancing in ur pursuit for ur career!

  4. hello friend!!!
    hey i invite you to see my blog, i followed some your tips and there are the results post a comment

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