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On vacation!

Hi guys! its been a while i havent updated my blog, for a while im on vacation and taking advantage the time i left before preparing for the fashion show. right now im in  a camp and fortunately i found a bar that has internet connection which mostly camp doesnt have since where in the middle of mountains…hehehheehe… well hopefully ill get home which i missed a lot, my mmporg and doing my fashion sketches.,



hi friends! its been a while i did not post anything on my blog, i was kind a busy and still thinking for a good thing to post, meanwhile im doing some dresses to practice my sewing skills and doing some fashion illustration which i am going to present in another competition with a partner and classmate, her name is Ana hopefully during working with dresses would be able to learn more from her coz she has a better experience and good skills in sewing than i do. anyway as long as i get time i probably post something hope you guys wont be bored on following my blog, pls do comment or any advices which i really highly apreciated. thanks and GOD bless all….

inspired japanese flamenco

this is my entry of the contest flamenco dress which in 2nd place…its inspired in kimono which i ddcated to my close friend akime.flamenca


Hi blog buddies! guess what?  i won the contest as a 2nd placer and I’m very happy since its my first competition ever I’m inspired to do more and push myself more to learn, anyway soon ill post the pictures so you guys can see the flamenco dress i designed.. well till here its week end here and now I’m must get to bed…GOD bless all!


This drawing is inspired during late 50s, so i did this one and  its different from other illustration that i do, the picture might not be really good since I’m using PSP cam.hopefully i could get a better cam soon….Dance

I Got New markers!

Until now Touch MarkersI’m still disappointed since i have lost my markers,my bf told me we should wait for few days,  maybe we will get good noticed,which is like years for me since i already stop doing my illustrations for two days or more.This afternoon my bf decided to buy me a new once so i will be able to do what i like to do most.So i thought that we will buy few pairs of it and that’s it, but instead, its more than i expected, i got the whole entire touch markers bag that has 60 markers.Touch markers are very good quality based on my experience using it and it never leave stains,rays  and so on, if you guys look for markers better grab the Touch Markers. Today I’m very contented that i get new ones and thanks for my BF.

I Lost My Markers!

Hi everyone! yesterday when i was in the centre i accidentally lost my entire bag of touch markers and  water color pencils and besides of that all of my drawings utensils.we tried to call and ask info about things lost and found in their section and still no news, i was hoping this few days i   able to recover my markers, sigh! that entire markers cost me like 150 euros, dam! i don’t have much money to buy a new one since i will participate the flamenco fashion show this march, anyway no big deal.. lol  o(ToT)o i could still get a new one. by the way this picture are the latest fashion illustration i did for 2009.dscn1382dscn1392dscn1376

inspired for wordpress

inspired for wordpress